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Western Nights
Wicked Witches of the West Book 1
May 26, 2014 (eBook)

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A rancher and witch. A down on his luck cowboy. A love foretold for hundreds of years.

Wicked Witches of the West – Book 1

People called them the Wicked Witches of the West from the time the Murphy triplets were five and accidentally set their house on fire. Nothing they did disabused the notion they were different from the rest of the children in Saddlebrook, Wyoming. After their mother died giving birth to them, the girls were in the care of their father, big Gus Murphy, who didn’t know a thing about how to raise three little girls.

Much less little witches.

When the Triad Ranch is at its lowest point, and Gus injured, Rowan, the eldest, runs the horse ranch as best she can, but things are desperate. Then Jesse Nelson appears and she recognizes him as the boy and then man of her dreams—her mate. She is drawn to him as her powers strengthen with each passing moment.

Jesse doesn’t know what to make of the crazy ranch, or the oddball characters on it, but he is hungry and alone. Rowan is everything he ever wanted and all that he can’t have. Little does he know what awaits him and Rowan when the world around them explodes with magic, black and white.

When Rowan ascends to her true power with her cowboy at her side, she and her sisters have to use their combined strength to triumph or die in the darkest of magic.

*Released in the Western Nights anthology by TBR Authors in May 2014*


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