The Education of Madeline

Print: February 27, 2018
eBook: February 27, 2018

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Book 1

Plum Creek, Colorado 1872

The Right Man Comes Along

Madeline Brewster practically owns Plum City, Colorado. But at thirty-two, she knows she has missed any chance for happiness. Until she finds a tall, strong, handsome Irishman on the wrong end of the hangman’s noose. Suddenly this unconventional woman comes up with an outrageous idea...

Teague O’Neal has rugged cheekbones, tousled black curls, and eyes as blue as the sky, even if he is caked in Colorado mud. The men insist they caught him horse-thieving, and there’s something desperate about him that says he’d do anything for a buck.

Maybe it was pure chance, or maybe it was something more that brought Madeline and Teague together. But one thing’s clear, between a woman who has just about everything she could ever want, and a man who’s lost that and more, they might find something in between worth living for.


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"Awesome! This is such a wonderful book. The characters are more than three dimensional; they just leap off the pages. Mystery and romance are a perfect fit within the pages…" — 5 Cups, Coffe Time Romance Reviews

"Heated sexuality blends perfectly with a strong western backdrop as Williamson spins a fast-paced story centering on a spinster and an outlaw that intrigues as it titillates." — 4 Stars, Romantic Times Book Reviews

"….a terrific and wicked hot western historical romance…Fans of well written, evocative, and fascinating historical romances with a western twist and touch of alpha manliness won’t want to miss a single word." — 5 Bookmarks, Wild About Books


Madeline’s heart began to pound a little harder as she stared at Teague across the hallway. He stared right back.

I’ll just go back to the kitchen.” She heard Eppie say.

“Good morning, Maddie.”

His voice unnerved her. The echoes of lesson number one danced up and down her spine. She felt her body respond like an instrument longing for its master musician.

“Hello, Teague.”

“Did you sleep well?” he asked with a small tilt to his mouth.

“No, I’m afraid I didn’t. I was… restless.”

She wanted to pinch herself for telling him, but she wanted to be completely honest with Teague always.

“I was restless too.”

She found herself walking toward him as if in a trance. Her nipples strained at her dress, rubbing delightfully against her chemise. When she stood a foot from him, she breathed in deeply. He smelled of soap, sunshine, and man.

“Lesson number one?”

Madeline felt bold this morning. Ready to snatch what was in front of her. In this case, literally.

“Will there be a repeat of it? I believe I need a refresher course.”

Teague made a sound, low and deep in his throat that reminded her of a cougar. Feline, primitive and raw. An answering feminine creature within her howled.

He grabbed her and was in the dark of the linen closet before she could blink.


“Shhhhh…” His hands cupped her cheeks and his thumbs ran across her lips. The familiar quality to it heightened the experience.

His hands moved to her shoulders and down her arms until his hands grasped her hands. He laced his fingers with hers and pulled him flush against his body.

She let out a shaky breath and opened her mouth to ask a question when his hot mouth descended on her. There were no gentle kisses this time. It was raw masculinity at its very finest. His tongue plundered into her mouth even as he backed her up against the shelves. She could smell the starch Eppie had put on the sheets and she could smell Teague.

His mouth was insistent as it was strong. She kissed back as best she could. Her heart hammered in her chest, pressed against him, she could feel his heart and they were nearly in tune with each other. He groaned and pressed his hardness into her softness.

His erection felt like a log it was so firm. She found herself grinding against him in small circles. Much to her delight, pleasure began to radiate out from the contact until her mons became wet with need. Her nipples were aching points of desire that rubbed against his rock hard chest.

It was a cacophony of senses that nearly overwhelmed her. She wondered what she’d do when they were naked. The very thought made her groan loudly.

“Shhhhh…” he said again.

He lapped at the inside of her mouth like a cat with a bowl of cream. Like she was delicious and he couldn’t get enough of a treat.

Her breath caught in her chest like a fluttering bird trying to get out. She felt like she was drowning, gasping with pleasure as intense as anything she’d ever felt.

He finally let her mouth go and pressed his forehead against hers. His breath rasped out and flew into her mouth. She breathed him in even as her own breath filled his mouth. She felt dizzy and so out of control of her own body.

She loved every second of it.

“Jesus Christ, Maddie.”

“I think… I’m going to enjoy these lessons. Lesson number one was… stimulating.”

He chuckled huskily. “Lesson number one? I think I’m going to be dead before lesson number three.”


She could hear Eppie’s voice through the closed door.

“Where did you get off to?”

Madeline had to hold in a giggle. Twice in one day! She actually giggled. She felt ten years younger.

He held her against him for another minute until Eppie’s voice faded away. Then he kissed her softly, gently sucking on her lower lip before he pulled away.

Without a word, he let her go and opened the closet door. The brightness of the morning brought tears to her eyes. When she was finally able to focus, she realized Teague was gone.

She was alone, standing in a closet, she was sure looking thoroughly kissed. Madeline smiled and walked out of the closet to find some breakfast.