March 17, 2020

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Being a female bodyguard means Harley Graham has to work harder, longer, and fiercer than any of her male counterparts. It also means she has to ignore her baser needs. It’s not been easy but manageable until she gets the call to go to Montana to help out a friend and finds her world turned upside down by Sawyer Valentine.

Sawyer doesn’t want a bodyguard, especially a female one with a chip on her shoulder the size of a small country. She’s pushy and strong as hell, and dammit all, sexy even wearing body armor. His life is complicated enough being heir to a huge fortune and dealing with threats to his life.

The explosions that rock Sawyer and Harley will be nothing compared to what happens between them. When life gives you a hard right turn, hang on with both hands and don't let go.

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Harley carried the groceries to the quasi-kitchen. There wasn’t much there except for a sink and a couple cabinets. She listened as her client cursed under his breath after he entered the cabin.
“It’s worse on the inside. How is that even possible?” He set the rest of the groceries on the wobbly table. “Please tell me there’s a proper bathroom in here.”
She didn’t reply, and he stomped around the rest of the structure, muttering as he went. “Holy shit. There’s a hole in the ground. Is that like an outhouse inside? I think that damn tub is from the Victorian era. I don’t think I’ve seen that shade of greenish-black before.” Another pause. “There’s toilet paper. We’re saved.”
When he returned to the kitchen, he stepped into her personal space.
She backed up and glared up. “Problem?”
His gorgeous brown eyes were snapping fire. “Seriously? This place is so bad even squatters wouldn’t live here. How can you possibly expect to stay here for a month when we have to shit in a hole in the floor?”
“I started to clean the place, but now, you can help to make it livable. Give you something to do. I bought cleaning supplies, and there’s a broom right there in the corner.” She crossed her arms. “This is a partnership here between us. I might be protecting you, but both of us have to work at it. It’s not a swanky hotel, but it’s safe. I’ve got clean sleeping bags for us to use, plenty of food, and firepower.”
His gaze narrowed. “I didn’t sign up to clean up nuclear mildew out of a hundred-year-old tub. And is that a wood stove? Is there no other heat source in here?”
“No, but it’s big enough to heat this place when it’s safe to have a fire. Just need to check the flue and split some wood.” At least, she hoped the damn thing worked, or they might freeze to death during the cold fall nights.
“Is this the year 1818 or 2018? I feel like we stepped through a time warp.” He frowned at the threadbare sofa and rocking chair. “I’ll bet the sofa is stuffed with horsehair, too.”
She shrugged. “Your choice whether your help or not but whining isn’t going to solve a thing.”
“There’s no electricity either, is there? We’re completely off the grid.”
His question was rhetorical, so she didn’t bother to answer. The man was a spoiled brat. Harley turned back to the groceries and pulled out the paper towels and heavy-duty cleaner. As she wiped down the sink and counter, he continued to seethe behind her. She could feel the flames coming from his gaze, but she refused to look at him. Occasionally, he mumbled, but he remained there. Watching. Disconcerting her.
Not that he would know that. Harley had learned long ago how to disguise her reactions. Her stone-cold exterior had kept her alive on more than once occasion. She didn’t expect Sawyer to attack her, but he was mighty pissed off about their situation. One thing she knew how to do when confronted with the enemy: bare her teeth and growl.
Without turning, she lowered her voice and said, “If you have enough energy to piss and moan, then why don’t you help clean something? Do you need a lesson on using a broom?” She threw a handful of dirty paper towels into the dry sink. “I didn’t take you for a pussy.”
A low, throaty sound came from him, something primal and dangerous. She wanted him to do something other than bitch and moan. If pissing him off more worked, then so be it. She could handle it. Not like he had a choice. She had the keys, and he had no idea where he was.
“Are you sure you’re a woman? I swear there’s a swinging cock and a pair of hairy balls between your legs.”
The words stung, but she didn’t flinch. She wasn’t very feminine and never would be. Her life had been spent trying to be the son her father never had. She didn’t even know how to be a woman. Not that it bothered her. Not really.
She finally turned to look at him. Her breath caught in her throat. The man was sex incarnate with that perfectly toned body, tousled hair, and deep brown eyes. She could get lost in him, and that scared the hell out of her. She’d had exactly two sexual experiences in her life. The first had been so bad she hadn’t had the second until more than ten years later. However, that waiting had been worth it. Her one night with her former commander taught her the best part about sex is having it with a person you care about. She didn’t care about Sawyer, yet he still stirred her blood. It thrummed through her veins hot and heavy. An answering pulse thumped between her legs.
“What the hell is going on?” His hands clenched.
She wanted to tell him she was as aroused as he was. Judging by the bulge in those ridiculous jeans, they had a connection, and no doubt pheromones were perfuming the air. What the actual fuck was she doing? This was Harley’s gig and her chance to prove to the herself that she should run her own personal protection business.
Control, Harley. Reel it in.
“Let’s just take a deep breath and regroup.” She sounded calm, but her head had started to pound from the effort of not wrapping her legs around this man. Fucking hell. When had she ever acted like this? Deep breath.
He shook himself and ran a hand over his face. “I don’t know what came over me, but damned if I didn’t want to take you against that wall and have angry sex.”
Harley’s body hummed with pleasure at the thought. “If you had, the cabin might have collapsed around us.”
This earned a small laugh from this very rich, untouchable man.