January 31, 2017

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Samuel Graham is a hopeless flirt. His quick smile and charm have allowed him to skate through life. At nearly thirty, he’s still unmarried, and his family is hounding him to settle down. But how could he give up all the freedom in his life?

Kim Douglas is a free spirit. She has a heart as big as Texas and gives her whole self to the people she loves. Since she was a girl, she’s had a crush on Samuel Graham. When they start dating, she finds herself sliding from crush into love at an alarming pace.

Samuel doesn’t know what to do with a woman like Kim. She’s feisty, funny, and full of life, unlike the shallow waters he’s always swam in. Her outlook and her passion knock him sideways.

When Kim runs from commitment, Sam has to make the hardest choice of his life. Pursue the woman he’s fallen in love with, or move on and protect his heart?

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Pen Name


Sam pulled up to the Roasted Bean and parked his truck. It was seven forty-five. He was early. What the what? He was off his rocker for pity’s sake. His stomach jumped a little and he thought perhaps he was hungry. When he thought about Kim and her purple streaked hair, his stomach did it again.

Holy shit.

He was nervous, too. What the ever-loving hell was that? Sam Graham was never anxious about a date, not that this coffee thing was a date. Hell, she might have thrown the tulips in the trash and set fire to the note. It was all his cousin Laz’s fault. If the man hadn’t found a woman he loved and looked all happy, then Sam wouldn’t have been wondering what he was missing.

He wasn’t a one woman man and never had been, but the look on Laz’s face when he saw Bea was something Sam had never seen before. He wouldn’t admit it, but he felt the stirrings of something. Then Kim had bumped into him and spilled coffee all over his shirt, and voila! The wonderings became urgings and now he was sitting in front of the coffee shop fifteen minutes early for a non-date, his thoughts consumed with whether she would show up.

He got out of the truck and went into the coffee shop, determined to order some breakfast and be sitting all casual like when she came downstairs. Or maybe she was already gone. Maybe he was going to look like an asshole sitting and waiting for someone who wasn’t coming.

Jesus, when did he turn into such an old woman? He sat down with coffee and a chocolate donut. Sam deliberately put his back to the stairwell leading up to Kim’s apartment.

The minutes seemed to crawl by as he sipped at the coffee and wolfed down the donut. Whoever ran the place had a gifted baker. He got to his feet to order another when he noted the girl behind the counter staring at him. She was fresh faced and blonde, thin with a name tag that read “Helen”.

“Uh, could I get another donut?” He pulled out a few singles from his pocket. “Chocolate.”

She continued to stare, her eyes were wide as saucers. He cleared his throat.


She jumped about a foot in the air. “Sorry, sorry.” She scrambled away from him to the pastry case.

The kid was barely legal and he certainly hadn’t flirted with her. Damn sure didn’t know who she was or why she was acting so squirrelly. She set the donut on a small plate and pushed it across the counter as though she was afraid of him. Had he grown a second head?

“Thanks, Helen.”

She gasped and pressed a hand over her mouth. He had no idea how to fix this situation. He was usually smooth with women, no matter what age. Not only was he sitting there waiting for a woman who probably wasn’t going to show up. He might as well just take his coffee and go to work.

“Are you frightening the poor girl?” Kim’s husky voice sounded from his right.

He whirled around and managed to throw the donut at her chest, which landed with a nice chocolate icing splat on the top of her magnificent boobs. Today she’d been dressed, her hair up in a fancy knot and she’d been wearing make up. And she smelled like lavender and vanilla.

Jesus please us.

“Um, breakfast?” He pulled out his sweet smile.

She peeled the donut off and put it back on his plate. He resisted the urge to lick the frosting off her beautiful honey colored skin.

“I need to go clean up.” She turned and left him standing there.

Sam waited a total of two seconds before he threw the donut away and followed her. She didn’t look back and she had to hear him tromping up the stairs behind her.

“I’m sorry about the donut.” He watched her incredible curves in front of him on the steps as she climbed. She wore a pair of leggings with, of all things, purple monkeys on them and a long black shirt. Damn the woman’s perfect ass was still giving him fantasies.

“It seems you owe Helen an apology, not me. You scared her.”

Sam snorted. “I ordered a donut.”

“She is intimidated by the Grahams, especially you.”

“Me? Why me? I swear I never even spoke to her before.” He didn’t do anything to the girl besides give her a damn good tip.

She unlocked the door and stepped inside. He followed her in, once again drawn to her apartment as a reflection of the woman who intrigued him.

“You’re as big as an ox.” She spoke from somewhere else, presumably the bathroom. “And too damn handsome. Of course she’s intimidated by you.”

Big as an ox? Sam glanced down at himself. Yeah he was big but he worked hard and big men ran in his family. He was more interested in the handsome comment.

“You think I’m handsome?”

A pause before she answered. “I used to. Maybe.”

He grinned and rocked back on his heels. “That means yes.”

“Hmph. You’re disrupting my life, Samuel Graham.”