Marielle’s Marshal


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When a school teacher with a backbone of steel meets a hard-nosed lawman, more than the desert will heat up.

Marielle Bloom never expected to be the victim of a stagecoach robbery stranded in the desert in the middle of summer with a sexy marshal who sets her body on fire with one look from his steely eyes.

Marshal Ramsey Whitfield doesn't know what to make of the outspoken teacher, but he does know she feels perfect in his arms. As they trek together across the barren landscape, searching for civilization, they discover that their desire for each other is hotter than the desert sand.




Pen Name


Ramsey didn’t know what to make of his teacher. She was wildness mixed with grace and ladylike behavior that confounded the hell out of him. When he’d left Texas, it had been with a heart as black as pitch. He’d tried to continue with the Rangers, but he’d lost his edge and his will to live. Mitchell, Ram’s childhood friend and a fellow Ranger, convinced him to try something different.

Little did Mitch know that it would lead Ram to the adventure of a lifetime with a teacher who boggled his mind and his body. She was tough, an indisputable fact. No other women he knew would last one mile, much less the eight he figured they’d covered already. Not only that, but she didn’t complain or nag. Oh, she definitely had her say, but nothing more than a man would have.

He’d been suitably impressed with the way she’d stood down old Stinky Pete.

She was all woman, but she damned sure didn’t act like one.

Ramsey’s curiosity got the better of him again. “How come you were traveling alone? Don’t you schoolmarms usually travel with a companion or something?”

“Excuse me? I am not a schoolmarm and I don’t need a companion or a chaperone,” she huffed.

“Well, you damn sure need some protection, especially out here in the territory. Lots of men are a hundred times worse than Pete.”

“Don’t remind me of that idiot. If I see him again, I’m going to shoot him instead of his gun.”

Ramsey smiled behind her. Dang, she had some sass.

“Besides, I can take care of myself.” She stuck her nose in the air as if she expected him to argue.

“I believe you can, darlin’. I’m just curious why no man has snatched you up for his bride yet.”

Now where the hell had that thought come from? He wasn’t even remotely interested in Marielle as anything other than a sex partner, much less a wife. He’d had a wife, one wife, and didn’t expect to ever have another, especially one with such a sharp tongue. Although he had really enjoyed spanking her. That particular thought made a zip of arousal course through him.

She harrumphed. “As if that’s going to happen. I’m twenty-seven years old, Ram, not eighteen. My prime years were eaten by taking care of my parents. By the time I had a chance to look around, it was too late and no man wanted me for a wife.”

“I don’t believe that. You’re a beautiful woman.”

She smacked his arm. “I can’t believe you’d insult me like that.”

Ramsey rubbed the sting from his skin. “What the hell did you hit me for? It was a compliment, you know.”

“Hah! It’s not a compliment to say that a man would want to marry me because I’m beautiful. I would like to think that men want more than a pretty face in their bed. Intelligence, companionship and love mean more than physical beauty ever will.” She looked as if she’d had the argument before and had won that battle too.

Ramsey held up his hands in mock surrender. “Okay then. Settle down, Marielle. There’s more to you than beauty for sure and, ah, you don’t need to worry about lacking those other things.”

She cocked her head and stared at him, her eyes cloudy with confusion. “I don’t?”


He couldn’t stop himself from kissing her more than he could stop the warm wind from blowing. Her lips were dry, but moistened quickly, sliding and kissing him in a familiar pattern. He pulled her up close until her delicious breasts were pressed against him, the nipples diamond-hard points teasing him.

“We can’t do this again,” he gasped out when he finally remembered to stop kissing her.

“You kissed me,” she said in a voice laden with passion.

“One more hour then we make camp.” He kissed her hard as if to seal a bargain. What exactly he was bargaining for, he didn’t know.