February 19, 2019

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Book 4

When anger and tenacity collide, sparks are inevitable.

The Civil War took more than Lee Blackwood’s arm. It took his confidence, his pride…and hope that any woman will see him as more than half a man. His friendships helped keep the demons at bay—until now. As each Devil has found happiness, Lee is left alone to cope with the darkness that claws at his soul.

Genevieve Blanchard has only one thing going for her: her no-good late husband’s run-down farm. That, and a fancy name no one can spell might get her a cup full of dirt in Tanger. Room, board and seamstress skills aren’t much, but it’s all she can offer any man willing to help her bring in her wheat crop.

Reluctantly Lee takes on the job, enduring the widow’s smart-mouthed daughter and his growing attraction to a woman who stubbornly refuses to see him as anything less than whole. Slowly, his bitterness begins to fade under the light of their blooming love.

Then the truth of her past threatens to rip away everything: her farm, her child—and the man she loves. But this time, there’s a line of Devils between her and looming disaster.

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"The story is exceptionally written. Those who’ve enjoyed the series will be happy they picked up a copy of Devils on Horseback – Lee." — 5 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"…two lost souls come together and find love and redemption in the other. You root for Lee and Genny and become invested into their relationship and believe in the happily ever after." — 4 Clovers, CKs Kwips and Kritiques

"In true Beth Williamson style, Lee is a sensational and utterly beguiling western romance." — Joyfully Reviewed

"Lee was a touching story that pulled at my heartstrings, even while it had me laughing and eagerly awaiting what would come next…a highly compelling, emotional, sexy and very human tale that I would highly recommend." — 5 Angels, Fallen Angels Reviews

"…a solid, poignant plot with a wonderfully told narrative. This is a fabulous book which will, I’m sure, remain a best seller for a long time. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story. This is definitely an author that belongs on your must-read list." — 5 Hearts, The Romance Studio

"This story races from romance to red-hot sex." — 4 Stars, RT Book Reviews

"…a superb book!…Historical romances like DEVILS ON HORSEBACK: LEE do not come along every day. When we find them, know that we are receiving a very special gift." — Midwest Book Review


With as much trepidation as curiosity, Lee stepped into the house. The interior was lit by a single window over the sink and a lantern on the table. Obviously Genevieve’s husband hadn’t thought windows were important in a house. Likely the man was too damn lazy to put them in or too cheap to pay for them.The rich smell of food filled the air. She was definitely making some kind of stew for dinner, with potatoes and possibly turnips. His stomach picked that moment to rumble, and he hoped like hell she hadn’t heard it.

Genevieve sat at the table, a blue shirt in hand with needle poised in the air. The thread was a slim connection between the needle and the fabric, glinting in the lamplight. A basket was beside her on the floor, with various shirts and trousers stacked in a neat pile. She gestured to the chair across from her.

“Please sit.”

Lee took a second to review the layout of the house. Along with two closed doors and a large open room, it appeared to be a simple plan with only one entrance that also served as the exit. He pulled the chair to the side of the table so his back was to the wall, then sat down.

She raised one eyebrow at his behavior, but said nothing about it. “What brings you out here, Mr. Blackwood?”

He realized she wasn’t going to make this easy, but then again, his behavior earlier didn’t exactly speak of a polite welcome either.

“Gabby asked me to come,” he blurted. Was there ever a time he could actually speak without making an ass of himself? “I mean, she told me about your situation and thought I should come out here and see if I could help.” He shrugged. “I told her I didn’t think I was the man for the job, but she and Jake do. Not much I can do on a farm, but I’m here.”

She pushed the needle through the fabric a few more times before she spoke. “That’s a flattering offer, Mr. Blackwood.”

Was she being serious or did he detect sarcasm? He didn’t know her well enough to tell.

“Did Gabby tell you what kind of help I needed?” she continued.

“Farm work, chores and such.” Lee hadn’t asked Gabby for more details and probably should have. Now he regretted that.

“It’s a bit more than that. We’ve got to bring in the crop.” She nodded in the direction of the window. “About one hundred acres worth. Without it, Sophie and I won’t last the winter.”

The very idea that this woman and her child’s life depended on his ability to bring in a hundred-acre wheat crop made him break out in a cold sweat. He didn’t want to be responsible for them, and he damn sure wasn’t able to bring in that much damn wheat by himself.

Her husky voice stopped him before he could even move. “Before you run for the door, let me say something first.” She set the shirt down on the table and folded her hands in front of her. “You would not be alone doing this. I have always helped Henry with the harvest. This farm is all I’ve got to give Sophie, and I intend on doing everything I can do to keep it running for her. I know this is a lot to ask of a stranger, but I will give you a room to sleep in while you’re here, feed you whenever you’re hungry and new clothes to take with you when you go.”

Lee glanced at the shirt, realizing she wasn’t mending it, but rather altering it. She’d already begun making him the clothes he’d take with him before he even said yes. Never mind all his worldly belongings were in the saddlebags outside, or that he’d already moved out of the mill. He wasn’t sure he could do what she needed him to. No, he knew he couldn’t do it.

“I appreciate the offer, Miz Blanchard. I’m not sure I can do much in a wheat field. I don’t even have two hands.”

“I’ve got two and between us, we’ve got three. There isn’t anything you can’t do if you’ve a mind to, Mr. Blackwood. I learned that at an early age running the streets of New O— Well, let’s just say I’m not a quitter.” Her gaze was steady and penetrating. “I won’t beg though, so if you want to be on your way, then so be it.”

He took in her earnest expression, the pride obvious in her tone and posture, and the fact she was alone, fighting for her daughter. Whether or not she’d ever worn a uniform, Genevieve Blanchard was a soldier. He respected that more than anything.

“I guess you’ve got yourself a farmhand then.”

When Genevieve smiled, Lee recognized he’d just set himself up to live in a house with a woman whose voice incited erotic fantasies and whose smile lit up a room.