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A FAQ session with Emma and Beth


My books are romances with spice — I don’t shut the bedroom door. A reader experiences everything the characters do. I love to write and read about love, so be prepared to fall in love when you read my work.

I never write characters that are perfect. Mine have flaws and personality quirks just like regular people. They’re not the all-consuming hero who never had an unkind thought or the holier-than-thou heroine who does part-time work at the church and orphanage. They are like you and me, and they face adversity and challenges and just plain life, be it crappy or wonderful. In the end, we can all imagine ourselves there, in that happily ever after.


Yes, there are a number of my books that are interrelated. The Malloy family series is linked together through a family in 1880s Wyoming (The Bounty, The Prize, The Reward, The Treasure, The Gift, The Tribute, and The Legacy).

The Devils on Horseback series is linked through five men in the following order: Nate, Jake, Zeke, Lee and Gideon.

The Plum Creek series isn’t a family but it’s definitely a sequence of books that can be read independently. However, you’d get more by reading them in order, The Education of Madeline, The Redemption of Micah, and The Salvation of Sarah.


Yes, there are a number of my books that are interrelated. With the Heart series, you’d get more by reading them in order, Ruthless Heart, Restless Heart and Endless Heart. These are all about women who take charge of their lives and fight for what they want.


Oh, how can I not? I have always been drawn to westerns, movies or books. There’s just something about the cowboy. They’re hard, tough, unyielding yet have a code of honor similar to that of a knight—like a modern day version on a horse. :-)


I’ve always wanted to travel back in time to the old west and experience it for myself. Writing stories allows me to step into my heroine’s shoes and do just that.


My historicals all have an HEA most definitely. My contemporaries could have an HEA or sometimes a happy for now ending.


Absolutely! I crave an HEA in my books and always give my hero and heroine the happiness they deserve. :-)


I have a penchant for alpha males so most of my heroes are alphas. My heroines are always strong women that rely on their own skills and smarts to get by in the world. You could call them kick-ass chicks taming hard-ass heroes. :-)


My heroes range from an assassin to a crippled carpenter to a recovering drunk — all over the map so to speak. The one thing they have in common is the need to be healed. That brings me to my heroines. They are smart and strong, but might not know it, and become the woman they were meant to be right before the reader’s eyes.

I think if you read one of my books, you come away with a measure of happiness, peace, and a feeling that good things happen. Reading is for pleasure, an escape, but I also want my readers to feel good after they finish one of my books.

Romantic fiction is one of the most popular markets in publishing. Many readers love romance and all that it can give them. I was a reader before I was a writer. Like many writers, I started with Harlequins when I was a teenager. My love of romance was set in stone right then and there. :-)


Emma’s books have heroines who come into their strength during the course of the book. My heroines are usually already strong in their own right, sometimes too much so and require the hero to soften them up a bit. ;) I’m no longer publishing any additional books as Emma Lang.


My books have heroines who come into their strength during the course of the book, a rebirth of sorts where they find out who they really are. Beth’s heroines are usually already strong in their own right, sometimes too much so and require the hero to soften them up a bit. ;)

About Writing

I get my ideas from everywhere, everything. Sometimes I just see something, like an old broken down house, and bam! An “idea” is born. I’m also a people watcher — I spend a lot of time watching other people and their behaviors, mannerisms, etc.

It depends on the length of the book – I can write a novella in six weeks, a novel in 10 weeks. I generally will write 5 to 6 books a year.

When a reader tells me how much they loved my books or that it made them cry, laugh, or go find their significant other. :-) Really, though, the most amazing thing to me is that people like my writing, my characters, and my books. That’s what makes it all worth while.

For my historicals, I have all kinds of books on the 1800s, horses, and the various states that I set my books in. I also do research on word usage so I don’t have inappropriate words in the wrong time frame. There is a great deal of information I have to make sure is accurate—people will call me on it if it’s not, including my editor! LOL.

Now that’s a tough question. Most of my books have a synopsis, which loosely translates into the book. The beginning and end are usually crystal clear to me, but the middle, well, it takes too many turns to keep track of. LOL. I’d say I’m both a panster and a plotter.


Both. My books range from sexy to sensual to erotic. Regardless of the sexual content, they are all romances.

Absolutely, positively 100%. I could not go on writing without reader’s feedback. Each and every one of them is very special and I welcome any and all comments (even snarking :-)).

I could say “never give up” or “have faith in yourself”. I think the most important thing is to listen to your heart — it will always show you the path you need to follow. Another piece of advice, keep writing no matter if you know it sucks or not. The more a writer writes, the better she/he gets at the craft.


I’ve been a writer since I was 8. :-) Writing isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. I started writing romance novels about twelve years ago and was first published in December 2004.

Romance is my favorite genre – I don’t think I’d want to write in another. It’s what I enjoy reading the most.


My first story published was The Bounty, originally published in December 2004, and republished in 2006, now it’s self-published.


My first book as Emma Lang was Ruthless Heart in June 2010 with Kensington Brava. Probably one of my top 3 books IMHO.



No, it’s a pen name.


No, it’s a pen name.


A romance writer that loves cowboys, alpha males, and happy ever after stories. :-)


A romance writer with a soft side, a steel of spine and a definite opinion about things. ;)

My favorites? I read all kinds of genres. My absolute favorite writer is Stephen King. In terms of romance let’s see Lynn Kurland, Amanda Scott, Johanna Lindsey, Stephanie Laurens, and Mary Balogh for historicals in general. For Westerns, Jodi Thomas, Joan Johnston, Elizabeth Lowell, Leigh Greenwood, Jo Goodman, and Lorraine Heath.

I’m a normal every day person just like everyone else. I have a job, a mortgage, a husband, and two teenage sons. I also love Vegas (!), cruises, movies, reading, and watching the horses in my neighborhood race around in the corrals.


February 19, 2019
Lee (Devils on Horseback book 4) releases in ebook

May 21, 2019
Gideon (Devils on Horseback book 5) releases in ebook

July 22, 2019
Steel Coyote releases in ebook and print from Entangled Publishing

October 15, 2019
Audacious (Circle Eight Millennium book 4) releases in ebook

February 5, 2020
Sawyer (Circle Eight Millennium book 5) releases in ebook