Steel Coyote

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Entangled Publishing - Amara
March 25, 2019

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The universe can be a tough place to make it as a cargo ship captain and Remington Hawthorne fights every day to scrape together enough to get by. Hanging on by her fingernails, she has to find something to keep herself and her quirky crew alive. 

When a sketchy deal goes south, she doesn’t want to accept help from the stranger who calls himself Max Fletcher. Life however, doesn’t give her a choice. Hurtling through space with illegal cargo, extra passengers she doesn’t want, and a growing attraction to Max she can’t resist, Remy knows she’s in trouble. 

When worlds collide, Remy and Max have to find a way to trust each other, save the crew, and not get themselves killed in the process. It’s gonna be a helluva ride. 




Pen Name


Remy had never been so furious. She had nearly lost the job because of Cooper’s disdain of her reputation and the Six Shooter’s crew not to mention her own temper. Then this black haired stranger with ice blue eyes and a flashy smile stepped in and lied. Then his lie made her lie. She wanted to make her way in the world on her own steam, no matter if she was Gunnar’s daughter or not. Now this man pushed her into a corner and she resented him for it. 

She wanted to shoot him. Or at the very least, punch him. Even the hologram disapproved of his foolishness. 

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” She stood and stalked toward him, her hand itchy on the butt of her pistol. 

“Saving your ass.” 

“I didn’t need saving.” 

“Didn’t sound that way to me.” 

“You shouldn’t eavesdrop on people.” 

He had the audacity to shrug. “You shouldn’t meet in a bar if you don’t want people to listen to your conversation.” 

She refused to concede he was right. The meeting in the bar wasn’t her idea but the man still shouldn’t have been listening. “If I see you again, I’ll shoot you.” 

Remy had to walk away or she would do something that might catch the attention of the local law. Worse, put her crew and ship in jeopardy because she couldn’t meet Cooper for the drop. 

“Where are you going?” The fool Fletcher followed her out of the bar, with the hologram perched on his shoulder. 

She saw Royal start after them, concern on his face, but she held up her hand to stop him. There wasn’t a man alive Remy couldn’t manage on her own. Gun or no gun. 

“Back to my ship. Alone.” 

He walked along beside her, his long gait matching hers. She picked up her pace and he sped up, too. Remy came to an abrupt halt, absurdly pleased when he almost fell on his face trying to stop. 

“Stop following me.” 

“I can’t. I work for you now, remember? You think Cooper is going to let you load his cargo in the morning if I’m not there?” His cocky grin made it worse. 

“Look if it’s not the Corporation, it’s the Great Family taking jobs from me. Taking food from my crew’s mouths.” She poked a finger into his chest. A hard chest that made her finger smart, damn it. “I don’t need someone like you fucking with my business too.” 

“I told him to mind his own business.” The hologram spoke up and she looked at the little man more closely. “Is that a moral compass?” 

Fletcher frowned. “Uh, yeah.” 

“You have a conscience that you wear on your arm?” She didn’t understand the man. A moral compass was expensive used mostly by rich men who worked for the Corporation. He wore it yet he was having sex when docking a ship? Obviously the thing was broken. “Who are you?” 

Fletcher leaned toward her. “Do you need this job? Then you need me to pull this off.” 

She did and the son of a bitch knew it. “I don’t know you, Fletcher, but I know I don’t like you. I’ll be damned if I let you fly my ship.” She had enough conversation. This time she kept going and did her best to ignore the man. 

Her father would have shot him by now. Remy’s lack of temper control had landed her in trouble with the law enough times that she knew to keep a tight hold on the reins. She might lose the ship if she ended up in jail again. Katie wouldn’t forgive her and Foley would probably fall over and die if he couldn’t maintain the ship. 

This time she didn’t care if she was sweaty and flushed. She walked with her arms swinging and her anger fueling her speed. A few people tried to sell her their wares but she waved them off. He was still behind her. She could feel him, and hear him apologize for her rudeness to the people she plowed through. Damn him. 

Remy concentrated on reaching the ship. Her stomach jumped and she had to swallow back bile at least twice. There was no time to be weak or let her anxiety take over. Tomorrow they would have cargo and money to buy fuel and supplies. She was tired of eating dried food she couldn’t identify. Pitiful as it was, she ached to eat a piece of real fruit, to feel the juice running down her chin. 

That all hinged on convincing Cooper she had hired a new pilot. Max Fletcher. She had vaguely heard his name bantered about over the last few years. Nothing good but nothing bad either. Hell’s bells, she didn’t want him touching the Six Shooter, much less flying it. She might need to disinfect the whole thing if he stepped foot on board. 

The truth of it was she was stuck. She needed Fletcher to get the cargo and Cooper might want to see them take off together to seal the deal. Without his credits, they wouldn’t be going anywhere. 

When she finally reached her ship’s berth, Foley sat on a metal crate, the ramp wide open. The old curmudgeon had been her father’s chief engineer. Now that his eyesight was failing, he did maintenance around the ship, keeping things oiled, tightened and clean. The grizzled beard hid a gaunt face. Foley had lost a great deal of weight and Remy suspected he was sick, not that he’d ever go to a doctor. Most outposts had someone who served as one, but that didn’t mean they were real medical types. 

He wore the same navy blue shirt and trousers he’d had for as long as she could remember. One day she might dare herself to check his quarters to see if he had dozens of the same outfit. Perched on what was left of his halo of frizzy white hair sat a black hat that had seen better days. A bullet hole graced one side and stains of unknown origin decorated most of it. A tiny blue earring was pinned in the center. She’d never asked him where it came from but suspected it had been a woman from his past. In her twenty-one years, she’d never seen him with one, so perhaps this was the one who set him on the course of bachelorhood. 

Life in the quadrant wasn’t easy for anyone unless they lived under the auspices of the Corporation. On the flip side, the Great Family took most jobs, legal or illegal, that could have fed her crew and ship. It was the biggest reason the Six Shooter was in such dire straits. They floated somewhere in the middle. 

Foley pointed his favorite knife at a spot behind her. He squinted. “Who’s that?” 

Remy stopped and put her hands on her hips. She didn’t have a choice and that was the bald truth. Pride was one of her biggest flaws and it didn’t go down easy when she had to swallow it. 

“Our new pilot.” 

“Looks like a pussy to me.” Foley snorted. “The boy ain’t even got dirt under his nails.” 

This time Fletcher snorted. “I can see good hygiene is not of particular concern.” 


“Old bastard.” 

“Shut up both of you.” Remy clutched her head with both hands. “Foley, stop taunting him. Fletcher, stop being an asshole.” 

She turned to look at them, posturing like a couple of bantam roosters they’d carried a few times in the cargo hold. Male creatures were foolish. And annoying. 

“I ain’t gonna like him. Doesn’t even carry a gun.” Foley used his knife to scrape at his own filthy nails. 

“What makes you think I don’t have a gun?” Fletcher’s smile was a slash of white, and not at all friendly. “I don’t like to wear a holster on my hip but that doesn’t mean I’m not armed.” 

“Ooh, who is this?” Katie strolled up, hands in her pockets and a wide smile on her face. “Can we keep him?” 

Max’s expression faltered as he caught sight of the perky redhead. Katie was a pleasure seeker in her own right and had no compunction about using a man for her own pleasure. 

“Unfortunately we have to. Katie, Foley, this is Max Fletcher.” Remy waved her hand in the general direction of the man. “I couldn’t get the job from Cooper unless somebody with a reputation was at the helm. Mine isn’t good enough.” 

“Well that’s just stupid.” 

“Cooper will be here at five. Let’s get the ship ready.” Remy waited while the three of them sized each other up. “Or I can fire all of you, sell the ship and live the rest of my life with pretty boys feeding me hydroponic grapes.” 

“Fine but I ain’t gonna like him.” Foley levered himself up out of the chair with a creak of his old bones. “I’ll inventory our supplies and get fresh water in the tanks. Make sure that pussy stays out of my way.” 

Katie chuckled again. “I’ll make the engine ready and arrange for fuel to be delivered in the morning.” She raised her eyebrows at Remy. “This is going to be an interesting trip.” 

As her engineer bounded back into the ship, Remy was alone with Fletcher again. She didn’t want him there, didn’t trust him. But she had to do what she must to save the Six Shooter. 

“What do you want me to do?” His deep voice sizzled over her already tight nerves. 

“Stay out of my way.”