March 26, 2013

Happy spring, er, winspring?

It seems we’re all suffering from the same problem. Winter, being the obnoxious witch she is, won’t let spring take her proper place. It’s cold! It’s below normal temperatures! I’m still wearing heavy coats!


I want to feel warm sunshine and wear short sleeves outside. My yard is in pitiful shape but it’s too cold and rainy on the weekends to do anything.

*more whining ensues*

So I decided we’re having winspring – that weird place between winter and spring where it seems like Mother Nature is smoking something.

Let’s all band together and wish really, really hard and maybe spring will be allowed to take her rightful place. :veuzelol:

*crossing all fingers and toes*


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  1. In like a lion, out like a clingy witch..?

  2. From your lips to GOD’S ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Here – Here, tried of winter to. And dirty snow, that won’t melt away.

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