February 26, 2013

Deadline loometh

My deadline is March 10 at 12 noon to finish my current work in progress, my sekrit space opera that I totally love.


It’s like a giant clock sitting on my shoulder, bonging as each hour passes. However, as a writer, deadlines are a necessarily evil. If I didn’t have them, I would never finish anything. When I don’t have one, I take waaaaaaay too long to declare “The End” on a book.

Even if I’m writing a book on spec for my agent (this one) or a self-published book (the next one) or one to submit to my editor at Samhain (the last one), the deadline must be set.

Now that’s not to say there is only one deadline. Sometimes I push it out. *hangs head* The original deadline for this book was February 1 and now it’s March 10. Um, yeah. I did it, not that I should have, but I did.

This one can’t be moved. It’s set in stone so expect I’ll be jamming out the words in the next thirteen days. I can do EET! :pirate:


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  1. You ABSObloomingLUTELY can do it.

    *sending good thoughts*

  2. Thanks azteclady! I hope to see you this year at a conference!

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