November 13, 2012

Post release tumult

It’s a week after THE PERFECT SCORE rereleased and I’m in the post release tumult. I’m torn between checking the blogs and numbers on the book and focusing on the book I’m trying to finish writing.

Oh plus I came down with a nasty cold, which made the post release not as much fun as it could have been. :veuze:

How do I get myself out of the post release tumult? By trying to focus on writing. It’s not easy, believe you me, to set aside the excitement and distraction of a shiny new book. Yet I have to remind myself there won’t be another post release tumult unless I actually write more books. D’oh.

So I shall soldier on and write, write, write. The cold is kicking my butt and making me tired but I shall get past it. Next week I have the entire week off work (booyah!) and I plan on finishing my WIP, finishing edits on CALEB, and fleshing out the new sekrit project. Yep, I shall be the writer extraordinaire. (I hope)

Here’s to more post release tumult in 2013!

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